Sunday, April 13, 2014

Adams County Deputy Busted

Bond was set Friday at $100,000 for an Adams County sheriff's deputy arrested on allegations of sexual assault on a child.  The sheriff's office says Henry Ford's arrest followed an investigation that started Wednesday.  Ford's worked for the sheriff's office since 2006.

Banner Health Sterling Location

Work has officially started on the new banner health center in sterling... there was a groundbreaking this week for the facility, which will be located at 102 hays avenue... it'll open in february of next year. the project totals 6 point 1 million dollars... it'll take up almost 15 thousand square feet, and include space for six medical providers... and extra space that can be used for more medical providers down the road.

Dreamer Teachers

Colorado's largest school district is reaching out to immigrants who came to this country as children without documents to teach.  Denver Public Schools Superintendent Tom Boasberg says the initiative started after President Obama decided to allow young people living in here illegally to stay and work.  Two teachers who qualified under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy started work this school year.  Boasberg says more will be hired this coming year.  Boasberg says the teachers bring crucial languages skills and can inspire students whose circumstances mirror theirs.

Gardner Replacement

With Cong. Cory Gardner after Mark Udall's U.S. Senate seat, republicans have several contenders to pick from to replace Gardner.   The 4th Congressional district covers the eastern plains, the southeastern edge of the state and parts of Douglas County.  Republican delegates at a party assembly today picked chose State Sen. Scott Renfroe and Weld County D.A. Ken Buck to appear on their party's primary ballot.  Weld County Commissioner Barbara Kirkmeyer and former Rhode Island mayor Steve Laffey are expected to make the ballot through another process.

Nicotine Kids

Gov. Hickenlooper signed into law today a bill broadening the definition of tobacco products that are off-limits to minors.  The new law bans nicotine-delivery devices for people under 18.  Colorado already bans e-cigarettes for minors. The new law broadens the definition to include any nicotine-delivery device.  Lawmakers say the existing tobacco law didn't adequately keep nicotine out of the hands of kids.  The law doesn't address the age of buying tobacco.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Inefficient Plumbing

Inefficient faucets, toilets and showerheads are closer to becoming illegal in Colorado. The state House approved the phase-out today. The measure would prohibit the sale of low-efficiency plumbing fixtures by 2016. The House still must take a formal vote on the measure, which would make it illegal to sell new faucets, showerheads and toilets that aren't certified by the federal government as efficient "WaterSense" fixtures. The Senate has already passed the bill, so after the House vote, the plumbing measure awaits the governor's signature. Supporters say the bill could help save up to 13 billion gallons of water by 2050. Republicans say it's unnecessary government intrusion.

National Library Week

National Library Week is the week of April 14-19... and the fort Morgan public library has events planned to help celebrate. There will be a traveling “Library Shirt” that will be displayed in five different stores during the week. By identifying where you saw the shirt in downtown stores, you can register for a drawing to win a “new” traveling shirt! The library staff will also offer two trivia games at checkout during the week.

More Fire Assets

The governor's top fire official says Colorado needs more aircraft to spot and fight wildfires sooner, telling lawmakers during a briefing that the state needs "to bring tools to the game." Paul Cooke outlined a plan to lawmakers calling for two spotter planes to detect fires within an hour after the first smoke sighting. Cooke also recommends that the state contract four helicopters and four single-engine tankers to begin fire suppression within an hour of a request from fire chiefs. It won't be cheap, about $22-million in next years' budget. Cooke's suggestions follow historic back-to-back wildfire seasons.

Rainbow Bridge Annexation

Fort Morgan leaders this week decided to annex the area surrounding rainbow bridge -into the city... the city already owned the bridge... but the Fort Morgan Times says city manager Jeff wells said the ordinances gives the city territorial authority over the bridge and the area.

Udall Disaster Recovery

A U.S. Senate bill that could free up more federal money for natural disaster recovery in Colorado is working its way through the Senate. Sen. Mark Udall introduced legislation that would change how the federal government distributes Emergency Watershed Protection program funds. Colorado has used the funds to repair watersheds damaged by wildfires and floods over the past two years. The program is not consistently funded and currently depends on Congress's annual budget for funding approval.